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How Often Should I Have A Thermography Scan

You will have your first thermography scan. Whether you choose just a breast scan or a full body scan for your first visit, you will need to return in 90 days to have another scan. The first year only a baseline scan (comparison scan) of the breast area must be completed. This way the doctors can compare your first and second scan to see if there have been any changes. Cancer cells double their number every 90 days. By comparing the two scans the doctor can determine if there are any changing happening. Once you have complete the 2 scans (baseline), the doctors will explain in your report if you should be seen in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Most women are only seen once a year unless there are issues. But the first year the 2 scans must be performed 90 days apart.

If at anytime during the year you are feeling ill whether it be the breast area or elsewhere on the body, you can come in and have a scan performed anytime.